Today we released GoCD 14.3

You can download it from here. Take a look at release notes to see details.

This release saw lot of contributions from the community. A huge callout to the following contributors (not in any particular order) for their outstanding contributions :

@lcs777, @ciotlosm, @tusharm, @juniorz, @RikTyer, @mmb, @afoster , @sahilm, @gregoriomelo, @greenmoss , @dvarchev and Temmert.

(We have tried to be as accurate as possible. Sincere apologies if we missed mentioning anyone above)

We would also like to thank people who reported issues/feature requests and participated in various discussions. That list is too big to be mentioned here, but please know that all the time and energy spent by everyone in improvising GoCD is very much appreciated.

Thanks once again!