Some resources to help you get started using GoCD:

If you've never setup GoCD or used it at all, you should definitely start from the "Help" page, to get you started.

GoCD User Documentation

There are a couple sections of the user documentation that can be especially helpful to people new to GoCD.

  • Setting up a new Pipeline - See how to set up your first pipeline
  • Concepts in GoCD - This covers some of the basic concepts used in GoCD. A good understanding of what Pipelines, Stages, Jobs and Tasks are will be very helpful.
  • Managing Agents - The GoCD server produces the user interface for GoCD, but it doesn't actually run your jobs. Learn how to use GoCD Agents to "do the work".

Of course there's a lot more information available as well.

Other information online

  • The GoCD mailing list - A great place to search for answers to questions you may have, or of course ask them if they aren't already covered.
  • IRC - Connect to freenode with your own IRC client or use this web client. Don't forget to uncheck "auth to services" if you're not planning to login with your preset freenode information.

Live demonstrations

  • Webinars - ThoughtWorks presents live webinars every couple weeks so that you can see GoCD in action. There are also recordings of previous webinars on this blog.

Professional Support

  • ThoughtWorks - The first 30 days of professional support provided by ThoughtWorks is free. You'll get access to a global support team, and tough issues can be escalated directly to the GoCD development team.

Alternative Trial Installation

  • Docker Container - This is an easy way to see what GoCD does. As it says in the description, this is not a production container. You'll also need at least one instance of the agent container