If you've never setup GoCD or used it at all, you should definitely start from our Help page, to get you started.

GoCD User Documentation

There are a couple sections of the user documentation that can be especially helpful to people new to GoCD.

  • Setting up a new Pipeline - See how to set up your first pipeline
  • Concepts in GoCD - This covers some of the basic concepts used in GoCD. A good understanding of what Pipelines, Stages, Jobs and Tasks are will be very helpful.
  • Managing Agents - The GoCD server produces the user interface for GoCD, but it doesn't actually run your jobs. Learn how to use GoCD Agents to "do the work".


  • The GoCD mailing list - A great place to search for answers to questions you may have, or of course ask them if they aren't already covered.

Live Demonstrations

  • Webinars - ThoughtWorks presents live webinars every two weeks so that you can see GoCD in action. There are also recordings of previous webinars on our blog.

Professional Support

  • ThoughtWorks - The first 30 days of professional support provided by ThoughtWorks is free. You'll get access to a global support team, and tough issues can be escalated directly to the GoCD development team.

Alternative Installation

  • Docker Container - This is an easy way to see what GoCD does. As it says in the description, this is not a production container. You'll also need at least one instance of the agent container

  • Chef Partner Cookbook - You can get started on GoCD with your Chef configurations quickly with our official partner cookbook. This cookbook will help you setup Go servers and agents in a fully automated way.