Our enterprise add-ons extend the functionality of GoCD to help address the needs of your organization. Increase your productivity, decrease your downtime, and save resources with GoCD's commercial extensions.

Actionable CD Metrics At Your Fingertips


Actionable CD Metrics At Your Fingertips

The GoCD Enterprise Analytics Plugin provides actionable insights about your release workflow, pipeline status and infrastructure utilization. You can easily identify and remove bottlenecks and optimize resources for best throughput by getting answers to questions like:

  • How long do pipelines take?
  • How quickly do we recover from failures?
  • Which jobs are slowest?
  • Do we need to add more resources?

For additional information on our analytics plugin, visit here.


GoCD uses an embedded database by default. That's great for getting started. But, if you need to scale beyond a few teams and several pipelines, our PostgreSQL add-on gives you the performance upgrade necessary for hundreds of pipelines and agents. We recommend PostgreSQL for critical deployments.

LDAP/AD Authorization Plugin

The LDAP/AD Authorization Plugin grants your teams access to GoCD pipelines and features by leveraging your organizations' predefined roles within LDAP/AD. Manage users and roles centrally (LDAP), while using GoCD to define and maintain application specific role based access.

Elastic Build Agents

GoCD supports elastic builds across a number of cloud infrastructure providers such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Our Enterprise offering adds support for elastic builds on Amazon ECS.

This Elastic Agent Plugin for Amazon EC2 Container Service gives you the flexibility to autoscale your builds an ECS cluster. It does so by creating agents dynamically in response to build workload. This dynamic scheduling of agents and build infrastructure allows you to optimize utilization and reduce cost.

Business Continuity

Hard drives fail. This add-on helps ensure you can deliver even if your machine is down. With business continuity, you’ll be able to set up secondary GoCD and PostgreSQL servers to protect against downtime. Automatic redirection of build agents and the ability to store artifacts on network drives is supported.

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