GoCD's expert support team offers you the reassurance that your issues are prioritized. Get unlimited support cases per month, quick 1-hour, 24x5 response for urgent severity issues, and access to our development team forums.

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Vijay Mohan

"Your valuable support enhanced our experience with the GoCD application. I cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it has been working with each of your team members while troubleshooting production issues in our environment, without causing any discontinuities or issues to end users."

Vijay Mohan, Sr. Devops Engineer, Barclaycard - USA

Tony Z. Wei

"Our release engineering team works closely with the Thoughtworks support team on GoCD implementation. The Thoughtworks support team provides rapid assistance, detailed explanations, and solutions. We really appreciate all the attention, availability, effort and quality from the support team."

Tony Z. Wei, Lead Build and Release Engineer, Medidata Solutions Worldwide