GoCD is continuously improving its plugin infrastructure. Starting 15.2.0 GoCD will support "Plugin Settings" that will allow plugins developers to accept global settings. Currently these configurations had to be supported via system properties or a file that is in specified format in a specified location, which makes it a little haphazard. With this feature all plugins will have one approach to accept plugins settings from user & access plugin settings from GoCD Server.

How does it work?

  • On plugin listing page users will see a gear icon (similar to one on the pipeline dashboard) for the plugins that accept plugin settings.
Plugin listing with gear icon
Figure 1: Plugin listing with gear icon (Click to enlarge)
  • Clicking on the gear icon opens a pop-up that renders "Plugin Settings" template that is provided by the plugin.
Configure plugin pop-up
Figure 2: Configure plugin pop-up (Click to enlarge)
  • On "Save" the user inputs are validated by plugin.
Configure plugin pop-up with errors
Figure 3: Configure plugin pop-up with errors (Click to enlarge)

We hope plugin developers are able to use this feature to provide a better experience to their users.


As always, GoCD questions can be asked on the mailing list.