Test Drive GoCD

Looking for a quick way to evaluate GoCD?
Try out our test drive below.

Note: This is for evaluation purposes only, and not intended for production use. We’ve created a streamlined experience to help you quickly understand GoCD. Please follow Step 4 to move to a production instance.

  • Step 1: Download it.

  • Step 2: Unzip and Run it.

    Mac OS/Linux:
                    # cd into the unzipped directory
                    $ ./run-gocd
                    :: cd into the unzipped directory
                    C:\gocd> run-gocd.exe

    Once it’s launched from the terminal, the GoCD server will load automatically in your default browser.

  • Step 3: Try it.

    Click on the "Add Pipeline" button to create and run your first pipeline in GoCD.

    Once you've completed your first pipeline, you'll have the opportunity to look under the hood at your build.

  • Step 4: Move it to Production

    We recommend downloading and installing GoCD and following our complete introduction to setting up your own GoCD server.