Coding is definitely not the only way you can contribute to GoCD. There are many valuable ways to contribute to the product and to help the growing GoCD community.

Test GoCD

test gocd

You can report issues you find, or you can help us test GoCD to find new issues. You can also add to the existing automated tests.

Code for GoCD

code for gocd

Contribute code to GoCD! Choose any pending feature or bug, or build your own plugin, then send us a pull request. No contribution is too small.

Help secure GoCD

secure gocd

We believe that working with skilled security researchers is crucial in making any product more robust. You can contribute by reviewing our security policy and responsibly reporting any security issue that you find in our product or service.

Join Community Discussions

gocd community discussions

We have an active forum where issues, features and ideas are discussed. Start a discussion, or help someone get started with GoCD.

Blog about GoCD

blog about gocd

Contribute to the blog. If you write about your personal experiences with using GoCD, we'd love to add them to the GoCD blog.

gocd logo

Code Contribution Process

  • decide what you want to build Decide what you want to build
  • fork the gocd repo Fork the repository, keep it in sync with the master
  • tell gocd about contribution Talk to us about what you want to do
  • make changes to gocd Make your changes
  • gocd merges pull request We merge your request
  • fill out gocd cla form Fill out the CLA Form
  • submit pull request to gocd Submit a Pull Request

How to start contributing

Decide how you want to contribute: picking up an outstanding issue, adding a new feature, or building a plugin, etc. Looking for inspiration? Check out GoCD's Roadmap for a view into where the product is heading this year.

If your contribution is a code contribution and you do send us a pull request, you will first need to read and sign the Contributor License Agreement.

How to get help

If you need any help getting started or get stuck along the way, you can talk to us on Github or on the main discussion forum. We are happy to help and answer any questions.

Brand assets including our logos, colors, and visual guidelines can be found here.