GoCD's current roadmap and the work being done towards it

GoCD's current roadmap consists of:
  1. In progress: Improve experience of using pipelines as code (#5175).
  2. In progress: Improve overall user experience.
  3. Upcoming: Better access tokens for authentication (#5321).
  4. Planned: Improved secrets management.
Apart from this, GoCD as a product continues to evolve along these values: Recent work has included:

You might be able to see some of the work in progress already. If you haven't had a chance to provide feedback or ideas, please do so by opening an issue or writing to


Though not part of this roadmap, there are other aspects such as better plugin management, more granularity in permissions, etc. which will continue to be worked on. This roadmap just talks about the bigger pieces and it will be changed to reflect changing priorities.

About the roadmap:

The idea of this roadmap is to mention and explain the plans for GoCD in the near-term. It does not mention timelines explicitly, because none of this is set in stone. This can be changed based on your ideas and feedback. The goal is that the work mentioned above will be in progress or will start soon. The roadmap document itself will be updated as often as needed.

Last updated: Dec 7, 2018