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Model complex workflows and deployment pipelines

Model complex workflows

With its parallel and sequential execution, GoCD can easily configure dependencies for fast feedback and on-demand deployment. Its fan-in/fan-out dependency management always does the "right thing," avoiding spurious builds.

Promote trusted artifacts

Promote trusted artifacts

Every pipeline instance is anchored to a particular changeset. GoCD makes it easy to pass once-built binaries between stages so you know exactly what's being deployed and that the binary has been tested.

Visualize your workflow

See how your workflow really works

GoCD's real power is in the visibility it provides over your end-to-end workflow. GoCD's Value Stream Map lets you track a change from commit to deploy at a glance. And when things go wrong, it's easy to see both the upstream cause and the downstream effects.

Deploy any version at any time

Deploy any version, any time

GoCD's manual triggers allow you to deploy any known good version of your application to wherever you like. This increases reliability of pushing to production, and empowers QA teams with self-service environments. And, if necessary, it's securable and auditable.

Run and grok your tests

Run and grok your tests

Verification is a key piece of any deployment pipeline. GoCD will execute tests written in most languages or frameworks. GoCD's agent grid provides parallel and cross-platform execution. GoCD's test reporting will tell you in exactly which changeset and on which platform a test started breaking, which comes in extremely handy when fixing a complex broken build.

Compare builds

Compare builds

GoCD's compare builds feature can provide a simple bill of materials for any deployment. Perhaps more powerful is its ability to compare the content - both files and commit messages - across any two arbitrary builds. This is invaluable when troubleshooting a broken pipeline.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Eliminate bottlenecks

GoCD's agent grid eliminates bottlenecks, providing trivial parallel execution across pipelines, platforms, versions, branches, etc.

Keep pipeline configuration tidy

Keep configuration tidy

Easily reuse pipeline configurations via GoCD's template system. This makes managing pipelines for versions and branches easy as pie.

Trust your team

Trust your team; be responsible

While most enterprise applications go overboard with their permission model, GoCD seeks to provide just enough. In particular, GoCD supports auditable deployment and can delegate the configuration of pipelines to users without full-blown admin privileges.

GoCD open source plugins


GoCD has extension points for which plugins can be created. There are numerous plugins already available, or if you don't see what you need, you can write your own.