In part 2 of our Continuous Delivery 101 video series, we’ll be looking at:

  • A detailed view of the ‘deployment pipeline’. Do check out part 1 of the series to see an introduction to the deployment pipeline.
  • Common types of automated testing
  • Some misconceptions about DevOps and Continuous Delivery

This video can help you understand the basics of how to order your tests in a pipeline. Look at the types of automated testing such as unit, regression, and performance tests. Tips on monitoring your continuous delivery pipeline so you react appropriately when things do go wrong.

In part 3, we’ll look at some of the principles and practices behind CD. Stay tuned!

What is Continuous Delivery 101?

This is a video series to help you get started on your CD journey. Ken Mugrage, a notable advocate for continuous delivery, will walk you through a collection of 5 short videos. This series will cover the history of CD, basic concepts, best practices, how to get started and popular tools. We will also introduce in-depth readings as we go through these basic concepts with you.

By the end of the video series, you'll have a holistic view of continuous delivery and a deeper understanding and appreciation of critical concepts.

Why should you watch it?

These videos can help you and more specifically, your team, learn to adopt best practices of Continuous Delivery, understand the core concepts of a deployment pipeline, and the history of how Agile and Lean drove these technical practices.

You can truly benefit out of these videos if you:

  • are looking to get an overview of continuous delivery for yourself
  • are championing DevOps transformation in your organization and need a concise 'getting started' guide for your team
  • think your team are doing continuous delivery but not quite there yet and want to take as step back to refresh the fundamentals

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