CD Metrics to
Improve Your Build

GoCD's Enterprise Analytics Plugin provides actionable insights about your release workflow, pipeline status, and infrastructure utilization. With this, you can easily gain visibility into your release pipeline, identify, and remove bottlenecks and optimize resources for best throughput.

Visibility Into
Pipeline Status

Pipeline Status illustration

GoCD’s analytics plugin gives real-time visibility into your deployment pipelines. Metrics like pipeline times, wait times, and mean time to recovery are at your fingertips.

Identify Bottlenecks
in Your Process

CD illustration

GoCD provides both in-context pipeline analytics and top-level metrics to illuminate bottlenecks in your deployment process and help you streamline it.

Maximize Utilization
Through Analytics

Chat illustration

Which jobs are the slowest? Which agents have the longest wait time? GoCD’s analytics plugin answers these questions and more, helping you optimize your resources for best throughput.

GoCD Build Time Graph

Pipeline Status at One Glance

The pipeline level analytics gives insights into pipeline runs. It provides information about pipeline build time and wait time over all the pipeline runs. It also shows the "Mean Time to Recovery" from a failure for that pipeline.

GoCD Pipeline Utilization Chart

Pipeline Waiting Chart with Easy Drill-Down

The top level analytics provides insights about pipelines with the highest wait time. Drill down to see jobs in a chosen pipeline with the highest wait time, and dive further down to the individual job instances to see their build and wait times.

GoCD Agent Utilization Chart

Agent Utilization Chart with Easy Drill-Down

Agent utilization chart shows you agents with the highest utilization. You can drill down to the jobs with the highest wait time for a chosen agent and further down to the individual job instances of a chosen job to see their build and wait times.

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