GoCD plus Kubernetes

Native Kubernetes Integration

GoCD gives you the flexibility to effectively represent CD pipelines that model your organization’s processes. Kubernetes gives you a highly programmable delivery infrastructure platform. Together they provide the premiere continuous delivery tool on modern infrastructure.

illustration of elastic agents

Elastic Agents

Elastic Agents, also known as on-demand agents, are the worker bees of GoCD. Scale them up and shut them down as needed, giving you both flexibility and cost savings. We provide elastic agents for Docker, K8s, AWs and other popular cloud providers.

illustration of a cloud connected by wires

Deployment Options

Deployment options exist for all the major cloud services, including Docker. With our official Docker images, you can create GoCD workflows with ease and deploy

illustration of a window in GoCD

Modern Interface

GoCD’s dashboard improvements make it easy for large organizations to manage hundreds (or thousands) of pipelines. You can personalize your dashboards with pipeline groups and create custom tabs for future use.